Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Girl Friends

Every normal person will have some sweet memoirs entrenched in a locked compartment of his heart. It can be his first date, a girl from his early neighbourhood or even his primary school mate. For me, whatever is the reason, whether that I am a mirror cracking material or that I am so fluent in front of the cuties, nostalgia always meant ‘my school’.
Being the brainchild of late Prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi, Navodaya Vidyalayas are now in almost every district of our nation. Aimed at building up human resources for the nation (Alas! I am also one), government is having a generous budget for these institutions.
As I hail from the prestigious metropolitan of Pathanamthitta, Kerala, I left my primary school and joined Navodaya of our district on May 1993. You may never have experienced the tenderness of staying away from your beloved ones at an age when you cannot make out why you are forced to do so. It is easier said than done scenario to withstand when beloved seniors are treating you like untouchables. I consider this as a schooling to triumph over all the difficulties of life.
The very first day seniors made us to dance and sing for them. At Mess hall, also there was a drastic plot waiting for us. The super seniors getting in between the line always stretched the mile long queue for food. However, as nature’s rule to be moulded with surroundings, after few initial troubles, we were the happiest kids of the locality and pets of all our teachers. They cared us like mother bird protecting children within wings. I still remember a good number of them and feel like I have to call them often.
First two years were smooth as I was luckily among the toppers and all of a sudden in eighth class; I was made to sit just behind the girls. I cannot forget my days wasted (?) flirting with the girls and frankly, I fell in love with two of them. Robin Hood in me had forced myself to write a letter to one of them, which wrecked as one of the worst tragedies of my life.
My Princess was supposed to come for study at 6.30pm. Keeping all the timings and security concerns, (this made me to avoid names) I succeeded in placing the letter in her English textbook. Our teacher wanted a textbook, and my ill fortune made her to take the very same textbook to staff room. Being a regular reader of Sherlock Holmes, she traced my handwriting and the letter pad gifted by my sister, as I had already shown her. She asked me about my role and now my inner self was giving warning alarms. The roof above me was just revolving. Somehow, I have to stretch out. I said her that one of my friends, cannot expose his name since he trusted me, is in deep love with the girl. He asked my assistance and innocence made me involved with out concerning about the after effects. I still doubt whether she digested the whole story but it was a nice excuse. She advised me a lot about my bad company and relieved me. Afterwards she used to tip this in a roundabout way to our class. Whenever we tell something we are capable of, she used to ask how a person who cannot give love letter to addressee is going to do it. I never again dared to write one. Thus, I lost my Princess forever, as my letter and its oxford language never reached her.
The second thread was worse. We chatted a lot, fought a lot, and finally when I felt like “ok, she is what I was looking for”, fate made us apart. She was shifted to another school, which was so far away, and both of us were missing mobile phones. I wanted to trace her but pulled out as she joined the same school where my uncle is a teacher. Experiences made me learn that everyone has a point in life and no other girl would match you. So I decided to be content and seek out for the next lone.
Another unforgettable incident happened when we were in 8th standard. For whatever reason, one of our seniors committed suicide in the hostel room. Police enquiry was going on and most of the super seniors were in the witness list. School authorities wanted to keep the good will of the school and hence they sought these students to support them. This forced them to keep quite against the atrocities by some seniors. These days, one girl of our division fell in love with a super senior, and every day they used to chat in the first floor portico. We came to know about this and as the self-proclaimed advisory committee, we reminded her about the extravagant qualities of her BF. As add-on, we told her that the boy is holding relationships with other girls too. It was a slip of tongue. We were jealous since she was very beautiful and every one of us had an eye on her. This reached Romeo and from the D-day, they started targeting us. We always feared them and I still wonder what on the hell made us to do so. End result was that I can sing national anthem exactly in 53 sec. due to the incessant practice they gave. Even I can do part time as a Dhobi (washer man), as I have washed that much clothes for them. Anyway, we avenged them after one year when they revisited the school for alumni. How we did that is a secret. Now I have no information about Romeo and Juliet as the chain of contact broke when they left the school.

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